As Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification becomes more of a focus to building in Utah,  it is our commitment to understand how LEED applies to the landscape.  Synergizing water use with “green” landscaping is part of the delicate balance of a sustainable landscape.  Plant selection and irrigation are key components to success in this area.

La Maconnerie Condos

La Maconnerie Condos - Park City,UT

E. A. Lyman Landscape Architects believes in designing landscapes that are both beautiful and water conserving.  All too often we find those who think “water-wise” means a few plants scattered sparsely in a barren landscape.  Not only are there a multitude of beautiful plants that take little water to thrive,  but water-wise landscapes can be aesthetically striking and visually rich.

Irrigation is the other key to an attractive,  sustainable landscape.  We pride ourselves in staying current with irrigation technology,  and frequently meet with industry representatives to insure we are up to date.  Our approach to irrigation design is to create a plan that takes the needs of each plant type and location into account.